Tools of the Trade

Getting started in voiceover isn’t as easy as plugging in a microphone and reading a script. You’ll need quite a few quality tools in your voiceover toolbox. We’ll discuss microphones, recording software, home studio setups and computer needs, as well as many other things you’ll need to purchase. We’ll also discuss things like accounting, organization, websites, industry standard rates and union vs non-union work. Did you think getting into voiceover was going to be cheap and easy? Think again.

The Industry At A Glance

Knowledge is power. Before you decide to jump into the competitive world of voiceover, take some time to learn about the industry. Is a career in voiceover right for you? Rhonda will provide several pieces of the puzzle, but it’s your job to put those pieces together and look at the big picture. Becoming a professional voice actor requires top acting chops, a savvy business sense, mad marketing skills and killer customer service. Do you have what it takes? Register today and find out.

The Rabbit Hole

We all know that searching online for one specific thing can lead you down a rabbit hole filled with a million different things. Don’t get sucked in! This Introduction To Voiceover live 6-hour webinar will save you tons of time in online research. Not only will Rhonda reveal some inside industry information, she’ll provide you with valuable information about different aspects of the voiceover world. Talking into a microphone is just the beginning.

So, you want to be a voice actor?

Be Your Own Boss

Being your own boss sounds magical, doesn’t it? Sure it does! But working from home has many challenges. Trust me, it’s not always rainbows and unicorn farts. You’ll have to be the receptionist, the accountant, the IT guru, the marketing nerd, the branding person, the social media expert, the head pencil sharpener and the housekeeper. We’ll talk all things business.

Professional Demos

Demos. They are a voice actor’s calling card. A professional display of what a client can expect from your delivery and acting skills. Do you need a professionally produced demo? Do you need more than one? What content needs to go on a demo? Who produces them professionally? What does a demo cost to produce? Should you produce your own demo? We’ll explore all of these questions and more.

Learn about Genres

What is a genre? Where does your voice fit in? After completing this webinar, you’ll not only understand what a genre is, you’ll be blown away at how many genres there are. Commercials, audiobooks, animation, video games and e-Learning are just a drop in the bucket of where you can use your voice acting skills.

Marketing and Branding

Websites, Branding and Marketing, oh my! Not only will you need a website, you’ll need a logo and branding ideas; marketing schemes; headshots; business cards; social media presence and many other things. Don’t worry, Rhonda will hold your hand and walk you down the yellow brick road (and will only linger for a few minutes at the poppy field.)